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Here are given some measures for preventing stretch marks. Read on how to prevent stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Prevention

Stretch marks are best described as a natural occurrence which involves splitting open of a layer of the skin that leaves behind a scar. These marks commonly show up during weight gain seen in times of puberty and pregnancy. There are times when it can also be noticed in men who workout. Scientifically, they are termed as striae and are normally found in areas such as the underarms, belly, thighs, hips and breasts. While stretch marks during the course of pregnancy are considered to common, adolescents who suffer from them are said to be undergoing hormonal changes. The reasons for stretch marks among teens can differ. For example, rapid weight gain and loss, genetic factors, stress and excessive intake of steroids are some of the causes which can bring about physical changes. Although there are various methods and techniques that have been introduced to remove these ugly pieces of evidence, it is best advised that you take preventive measures and reduce their risk of appearance! The article below suggests a few handy tips on how to prevent stretch marks.

How To Prevent Stretch Marks
  • Stretch marks still remain a reason for worry for innumerable women around the globe. Before you begin with any treatment, understand the root cause of the problem. Stretch marks are not only common among mothers but also teens. From excessive weight gain to hormonal imbalance, the reasons may differ and should be treated accordingly.
  • Begin with eating right diet. A good and healthy skin usually gets sufficient amounts of zinc, vitamin and proteins. Provide large amounts of this and make sure to keep your skin hydrated by consuming 8-10 glass of water daily. Water has the property of keeping your skin resilient and reduces your chances of stretch marks too.
  • Elastic skin can get dry and itchy at times. This can in turn lead to the creation of stretch marks. Under such circumstances, ensure that you apply a generous quantity of oils or creamy moisturizers. This not only prevents ugly scars, but it also encourages blood circulation.
  • Exercise is essential for beautiful skin. A good workout plan that keeps you in shape will automatically diminish the chances of stretch marks. Inconsistent weight can also lead to expansion of skin, leaving behind stretch marks. For this reason, remember to watch your weight and ensure that it does not exceed a few kilos more than the normal range.
  • It is never too late to use anti-stretch mark creams. If you are pregnant then it is good to start application of these lotions early, in order to reduce your chances of developing white and patchy skin.
  • While choosing a moisturizer, pick one with a high percentage of collagen. This is a vital ingredient in moisturizing, toning and tightening the elasticity of the skin. Rub this twice a day on your stomach, underarms, thighs or other parts of your body that show signs of stretch marks.
  • Vitamin E is a liberator for expecting mothers. Consuming a vitamin E pill only helps in improving flexibility of the skin and tightening of the body. Another method, it to take the vitamin capsule and slit its outer cover. Pour the ingredients onto the stretch marks and watch your post-pregnancy scars disappear!
  • Most expecting women, ignore the kind of clothes they are wearing. During pregnancy, your body is constantly changing and it is important to dress in proper maternity clothes to support the changes in the body. Ensure that you wear the right bra as sagging breasts are one of the most common reasons for stretch marks.
  • The main key behind preventing the eruption of stretch marks is to moisturize your body. Always ensure that your skin is soft, supple and well maintained. Coco and Shea butter creams are believed to do wonders for women with stretch marks.
Stretch marks are every woman's nightmare! But now that you are equipped with ways to prevent stretch marks, it shall soon become a thing of the past.