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Stretch marks form due to the rupture of elastic fibres present in the body. Read to know about the causes of stretch marks.

Stretch Marks

The skin is the largest and most distinctive organ in the human body. This is because it forms a barricade between the inner parts of the body and the external environment. When skin gets overly stretched and shrinks back within a short span of time, there are certain changes that it goes through. The amount of collagen reduces and it also gives rise to numerous stretch marks. Many women are believed to have experienced patchy and dry skin which is said to be the first symptom of stretch marks. One should immediately take note of these signs and treat them correctly so as to reduce the spreading of stretch marks. These scars are not just restricted to women. They are a common sight among men who are focused on building muscle. With new innovations in the field of medicine, stretch marks have become easier to care for. Improved cosmetic and beauty treatments have brought about a number of options to choose from. The article below gives you a better insight on stretch marks and its causes.

Causes Of Stretch Marks

Body Building Stretch Marks
A well-toned and chiseled body always gets a woman to go weak in her knees! It even crosses barriers such as age, caste and race. The female species has always been drawn to men who possess a good physique.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks
Being pregnant is probably one of the most cherished experiences for a woman. The happiness that newborn babies bring to their mothers is unimaginable. But there is always a price to pay!

Laser Surgery for Stretch Mark Removal
With improved technology in the field of cosmetics, there have been newer methods to remove stretch marks. Traditional methods such as application of homemade herbal pastes, cosmetic creams and gels are now being dominated by the laser revolution!

Stretch Mark Surgery
Stretch marks only seem to get worse than ever improve your condition! This would sound like a familiar situation to many. You have probably taken a few measures to prevent those ugly scars, but obviously haven't done your best.

Stretch Marks Prevention
Stretch marks are best described as a natural occurrence which involves splitting open of a layer of the skin that leaves behind a scar. These marks commonly show up during weight gain seen in times of puberty and pregnancy.

Stretch Marks Remedy
Over the years most women develop stretch marks due to various reasons ranging from early stages of adolescence to pregnancy. If you have a medical or family history of stretch marks then you are most likely to develop it.