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Stretch marks are a very common feature during & after pregnancy. Read to know about the pregnancy stretch marks.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Being pregnant is probably one of the most cherished experiences for a woman. The happiness that newborn babies bring to their mothers is unimaginable. But there is always a price to pay! Pregnancy is a period in time when the body sees complete transformation and undergoes several changes, the effects of which are shown on the skin. These epidermal layers bear the brunt of most of the internal chemical reactions that are taking place within the interiors of your body. Stretch marks stand evidence to this! During pregnancy it is advisable not to undergo any skin treatments and possibly jeopardize your child's health. Stretch marks prevention and remedies must be taken under medical supervision. Before beginning to deal with these ugly stretch marks, it is essential that you are well-informed on how they are formed. The article below highlights some of the reasons eruption of stretch marks during and after pregnancy.

Stretch Marks During Pregnancy
  • Stretch marks may not be a painful process, when they occur, but it is definitely a sign of unhealthy skin. Well hydrated and elastic skin reduces the chances of these scars from forming. If you experience dry and patchy flakes on your skin, make sure that you drink plenty of water and consume foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. This is sure to give you clear and fresh skin.
  • Contrary to popular belief, not every expecting mother experiences pregnancy stretch marks. If you are one of those who are stretch mark-free, then you are lucky! Family history has a lot to do with its formation. So, remember that stretch marks maybe heredity and taking precautions is the only thing that you can do.
  • The skin is made up of proteins structures called collagen that helps in building the strength of the body's defense system and also making sure that it does not become flabby. Hormonal changes may cause a loss of collagen levels in the skin which is the primary lead towards the suspecting stretch marks!
  • Expansion of the skin can cause the skin to rip apart and create scars which are later called stretch marks on the body. This is the most common reason why stretch marks are formed during pregnancy.
  • Melanin content in the body also plays a vital role in the eruption of stretch marks. Women who have a higher level of this pigment in their bodies are usually spared from stretch marks. Thus, African women are less prone to stretch lines as compared to fairer women.
Stretch Marks After Pregnancy
  • Weight loss after pregnancy is the biggest reason for development of stretch marks on the skin. After delivery, when the excessive fat shrinks it might leave behind scars on the surface of your skin and make it look extremely unappealing.
  • One of the mistakes that women make after birth of their child is neglect their skin. Always remember that when the epidermis is well-hydrated and nourished, it takes you a long way in looking younger. Regular moisturizing has the ability to stimulate cells and improve blood circulation, thereby leaving you with lovely looking skin.
  • An important thing that new mothers should pay attention to is their diet. Overeating after child birth and ignoring exercise regimes are a sure way to accelerate the spread of stretch marks.
  • Do you feel like you've done everything possible but are still struggling with the problem of stretch marks? The issue could lie in the consumption of specific medications with steroids. Steroids improve visibility of stretch marks. If you are undertaking any of these medications or supplements, beware! There are several other treatments suited to individual requirements. Consult a doctor before trusting any of the products in the market.
Motherhood is a blessing that not many are privileged to experience. Rather than worrying about stretch marks after pregnancy, try and take measures to prevent their development. Minor issues like stretch marks should not dampen your happiness!