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Check out the natural home remedies for stretch marks removal. Read about the stretch marks home remedy treatment.

Stretch Marks Home Remedy

Over the years most women develop stretch marks due to various reasons ranging from early stages of adolescence to pregnancy. If you have a medical or family history of stretch marks then you are most likely to develop it. In most cases, the intensity of 'stria' (band of contractile tissue) is dependent on individual body types. There have also been several cases where pregnant women have never witnessed stretch marks during or after pregnancy. Lucky them! But this is possibly because they have a good amount of collagen that protects their skin during the process of expansion. Remember that these ugly stretch lines are not only hereditary or due to pregnancy. Thus it is important to identify the reason for its occurrence before you begin treating them. Owing to the increasing frequency of stretch marks, in today's generation, there has been an assortment of cosmetic and beauty procedures to help in coping with this situation. But such treatments are not easily affordable and possess a few side effects. This is where home remedies come into the picture! The section below suggests some simple and easy home remedies for curing stretch marks.

Home Remedies For Stretch Mark Removal
  • Stretch marks are not difficult to treat but it is finding an effective treatment that is hard. Incidentally, the remedy maybe right in front of you! Take a mixture containing half a cup of olive oil and 2tbsp of lime juice. Rub this regularly on your stretch marks and you will see it lighten and soon become invisible.
  • A popular home remedy suggested for recovery from stretch marks is aloe vera gel. This might be a messy affair but it certainly helps removing your ugly stretch marks.
  • Cocoa and Shea butter creams are also said to be helpful in treating stretch marks. It can be found at any departmental store located close to you.
  • Half a cup of olive oil, lavender oil and aloe vera gel, 5 Vitamin E capsules and 3 Vitamin A capsules can be mixed in blender and stored it in a refrigerator. This can be used when you see the first signs of stretch marks.
  • If you love body massages then this should interest you! In a bowl, add equal quantities of lavender oil and chamomile oil along with avocado, almond and jojoba oils. Stir them well and heat it to a tepid temperature. Apply this all over your body and leave it for atleast an hour before you wash it off. Use a pleasant smelling and moisturizing body wash to give you a great feel after.
  • A good scrub such as apricot or oatmeal will not only remove dead skin but it is highly moisturizing and can help in the treatment of scars too. Use the body polishes atleast least twice a week to see positive results.
  • Unhealthy lifestyles and poor eating habits can reflect on your skin. For good and radiant skin, you need to include food rich in Vitamin A, C and E. Throw in some nuts and green leafy vegetables and you're good to go! This are the much needed ingredients for clear skin free from ugly scars. A regular intake of water is also required to maintain hydrated and supple skin.
  • Exercises are extremely essential for a healthy glowing skin. This not only tones muscles but it also improves the elasticity of the skin and reduces the formation of stretch marks.
  • Stay away from foods that are saturated and contain high levels of fat and carbohydrates. This makes you gain weight and it accelerates the appearance of stretch marks.
Sometimes the solution to your problems may lie right in front of you. Remember that opting for the natural way can prove to be far more beneficial than you expected!