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Bergamot essential oil serves as one of the best antidepressants. Read about its properties, uses and health benefits.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Botanical name: Citrus bergamia
Aroma: Sweet and Spicy
Properties: Antispasmodic, Antidepressant and Antiseptic
Health Benefits: Acne, Cold, Boils, Cystitis, Loss of Appetite, Sore Throat, Mouth Infections, Chicken Pox and Flatulence

When we are talking about essential oils, how can we forget about Bergamot oil? With a number of therapeutic properties associated with it, the oil is extensively used in aromatherapy. Extracted from the bergamot orange tree, this oil is known for its enticing aroma which can provide relief from problems like sinus and headaches. Moreover, massaging the body with this oil is extremely good for those who are under stressful and hectic work schedule, as it is a very good anti-depressant. Further, the disinfectant and antibiotic properties help to relieve almost all problems associated with kidney, stomach, liver and skin. Even with the vast progress in the medicinal world, most doctors suggest using this oil as it is natural and the effect will be long lasting. Even applying creams and lotions which uses bergamot essential oil as a key ingredient is excellent for the health of the body and skin. To know more on its properties, uses and health benefits go through the writing below.

Bergamot Essential Oil Uses & Health Benefits
  • The citrus, fruity and sweet flavors of bergamot oil along with its excellent medicinal properties ensure that it is always in great demand. This green to greenish-yellow colored oil can act as the best antidote for your skin. As a natural detoxifier and skin toner, the oil is used to prevent premature aging of the skin, as it is very effective in countering problems like wrinkles, dark patches and loose skin.
  • Bergamot oil is also good in keeping the skin free from excessive oil secretions, thus helping in preventing acne, the most common skin problem in youngsters. But, because of the phototoxicity property of the oil, exposure of the skin to sun soon after applying this oil might create various problems. So, it is recommended to keep yourself away from sunlight after a bergamot oil massage.
  • This oil is one of the best natural neuro-tonic and a very good anti-depressant, which has the power to make you feel happy, fresh and active. The main reason behind this is the alpha pinene and limonene content of the oil which are very good stimulants. These compounds further help in the secretion of bile juice and insulin, which are essential for proper absorption of nutrients and maintaining the blood sugar level.
  • The antibiotic and disinfectant property of the oil makes it an excellent ingredient for various beauty care and skin care products such as soaps and creams. Regular use of this oil while bathing keeps your body free from germs as well as viral and fungal infections. When used in hair treatments, bergamot oil can prevent scalp infections and make your hair smooth and shiny. The disinfectant property of the oil is used in curing infections of the kidney, intestine, urinary track and colon.
  • The febrifuge property of the oil makes it best suited to reduce body temperature during fever, as it stimulates the sweat glands to secrete more sweat, thereby, cooling the body. Moreover, because of the antibiotic properties, this oil can be used to fight virus, bacteria and protozoa which are main reasons behind many diseases like influenza, typhoid and malaria.
  • To get relief from cracked heels, wounds, itchiness, eczema and ulcers, bergamot oil is the solution. The antiseptic properties of the oil cure almost all such problems and without any side effects. So, instead of spending too much on various antiseptic creams and lotions, it would be better to keep this oil in your home.
  • The therapeutic benefits of this oil are best imbibed by the body when it is used in aromatherapy. In aromatherapy, the body is massaged by trained therapist, thereby making you feel stress free and happy. But, because of its antispasmodic properties, pregnant women should refrain from using it. Sometimes bergamot oil can cause redness and rashes, so proper care is advised.