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The oil extracted from rosemary is of great use in Aromatherapy. Read to know about the rosemary essential oil benefit.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis
Aroma: Warm, stimulating and floral
Uses: Pain relief, room freshener, hair and skin care

Rosemary essential oil, with its fresh aroma and therapeutic properties has carved a niche for itself in the world of spa and aromatherapy. Steam distilled from the leaves of Rosemarinus Officinalis, the scent of rosemary oil is neither too strong nor mild. Some of its vital chemical components include pinene, camphor, verbenon, borneol, camphene, cineol and bornyl acetate. Because of its stimulating effects, on both the body and mind, rosemary oil is most sought after by people and is used to treat a wide range of diseases. The old saying, 'Rosemary for remembrance' is very apt considering its therapeutic properties. People suffering from mood disorders and a whole array of other mental problems such as depression and anxiety depend a lot on this oil to find respite. Rosemary oil is not new to the culinary world as, because of its distinctive flavor, it is used in many recipes. To know more about rosemary essential oil health benefits and its use, scroll down the article.

Rosemary Essential Oil Benefits

To cure stomach related problems such as indigestion, cramps, flautulence, gas, and constipation among others, rosemary essential oil is extensively used. Even the leaves when added to meat dishes including stews and soups aid in the process of digestion. It is believed that dry rosemary is more beneficial since it has more calcium and iron than the fresh one.

Hair, Mouth And Skin Care
The oil is used in various shampoos and lotions. Men and women facing hair problems like dandruff and hair loss can try massaging their scalp with rosemary oil. Using it regularly stimulates the follicles which in turn leads to hair growth and makes it stronger and thick. It is also believed that its usage prevents hair loss and graying of hair. Since the oil has bactericidal properties, it is used in various mouth washes. Regularly massaging your skin with this oil not just keeps it supple but also prevents dryness.

Boost Mental Activity And Pain Relief
Rosemary oil is considered to be an excellent nerve and brain tonic. It not only boosts the memory but also enhances the attention span and concentration. The oil can also be used to get instant relief from joint pain, headaches, muscle pains, sore muscles, rheumatism and arthritis. Massage and rub gently the affected areas with the oil. You can put few drops of oil in vapor baths to treat rheumatism.

Room Freshener
The mesmerizing aroma of rosemary oil has an innate ability to lift the spirits of anyone and acts as an excellent inhalant. Due to its fresh fragrance, it is used in cosmetics, room fresheners, bath oil, beauty products, food, candles and perfumes. Because of its calming effects on the mind, the oil, when inhaled, brings a sense of tranquility.

Respiratory Problems
People suffering from respiratory problems and nasal or throat congestion can use rosemary oil generously. Some doctors recommend using a bottle of oil for those who are suffering from cold, sore throat and flu. Since rosemary oil is antiseptic and antispasmodic, it is equally helpful for respiratory infections and bronchial asthma too.

Rosemary Essential Oil Use
  • Besides the numerous health benefits, the oil is also effective in treating menstrual cramps, peptic ulcer, leukemia, sperm motility, colon cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer.
  • Rosemary essential oil is used extensively in aromatherapy mainly owing to its health properties and fresh aroma which blends significantly well with frankincense, lavender, cedarwood, basil, thyme, lemongrass, elemi, geranium, chamomile, citronella, peppermint and cardamom.
  • Rosemary essential oil can cause allergic reactions, nausea and spasms in some people. Expectant mothers and nursing women should not use this oil as its excessive use may lead to miscarriage or hamper the growth of fetus.