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Lemongrass oil is the best remedy for excessive perspiration. Read about the lemongrass oil health benefits, properties and uses in this article and learn more.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Cymbopogon citratus
Aroma: Lemony, fresh, earthy
Properties: Antimicrobial, antifungal, analgesic, antidepressant and antiseptic
Uses: Stress, Flatulence, Acne, Muscle Aches, Athlete's Foot, Scabies, Excessive Perspiration

Lemongrass essential oil is extracted from lemongrass, which is extensively found in India and some parts of Guatemala. It comes only in a few varieties. Lemongrass belongs to a tall breed of grass that can grow almost up to 4 feet tall! To extract the oil from the plant, steam distillation is required. Unlike other oils, lemongrass oil is thick in density. It is usually yellow is color with a sweet scent. As the name suggests, you can easily make out the 'lemony' smell of the oil. Its fragrance being light in nature is powerful but this aroma starts to diffuse in space, over time. Lemon is a popular flavor amongst a large number of people since it brings about freshness especially during summer. Thus it is used to develop a wide range of commodities starting from skin care products, lip balms, aromatherapy, soaps, deodorants and even perfumes. To know more about the lemongrass essential oil benefits, uses and properties, read on.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Use
  • Lemongrass oil is a fabulous analgesic. Owing to its antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic properties, there is an increasing growth in its demand.
  • It is believed that this oil serves as an excellent astringent (speeds up blood clotting) and is known for its body toning ability.
  • Lemongrass essential oil helps in getting rid of fear, depression and anxiety. It plays the role of a tranquilizer, thereby providing soothing and soporific effects to the one receiving the massage. Most spas today offer a lemongrass therapeutic spa.
  • In India, the lemongrass plant is more popularly known as 'choomanapoolu', or the 'Indian Melissa Oil' that is extensively used in Ayurvedic medicines. It is used to treat fever and contagious diseases.
  • If you are an outdoor person and are tired of smelling like mosquito repellent creams, then we have the solution! Try using lemongrass. It has a sensational odor and wards off insects.
  • Regular exposure to pollution and dust can make you hair dry and shine free. Use a few drops of lemongrass essential oil mixed with water to wash your hair and look out for lustrous end results!
  • This particular essential oil is known its anti-bacterial properties. Hence, it is a great way to treat acne. Use a diluted version of this lubricant oil as heavy concentrations might be the cause of skin irritation.
  • Aromatherapy uses the essential oil of lemongrass due to its ability to blend with other oils and getting the desired aroma. The fragrance emitting from this mixture is capable of calming your nerves and filling you with energy for a fresh start. If you had a hectic weekend, then revitalize yourself with the lemongrass oil therapy!
  • Lemongrass essential oil helps in reducing pain. Muscle joints, toothaches, and headaches can be relieved by using the oil. Even after a tiring session of workout, rubbing the lemon grass oil on the body can be beneficial.
  • The best part about lemongrass essential oil is that it can be taken both internally and externally. When applied on wounds it cures quickly and when consumed internally it combats body pain.
  • Lemongrass essential oil is used in many dishes as the sweet fragrance gives pies, puddings and cakes their respective taste!
  • People suffering from excretory problems can consume this essential oil as it increases the frequency of urination and thus helps in purification of blood.
  • Lemongrass essential oil is an excellent remedy for nervous disorders and Alzheimer's and Parkinson disease. This can be cured up to a large extent when prescribed by the doctor.
  • If your lips are chapped you might want to choose a balm containing lemongrass essential oil as it helps in treating chapped lips.
It is advisable to not use lemongrass essential oil if you are pregnant. In all other cases, it is considered safe to use and is beneficial in a lot of ways. But always remember to consult an aroma therapist before using it.