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Neroli oil is of great use to mankind, owing to its curative benefits. Read about its use, health benefits and properties.

Neori Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium
Aroma: Sweet, fresh, citrusy, exotic
Properties: Anti infectious, sedative, tonic and antiseptic
Uses: Depression, stretch marks, Scars, Insomnia, Frigidity

Neroli essential oil is extracted out of the flowers of an orange tree and famously known as 'Orange Blossom'. This plant is known to be masculine and is believed to possess the power of fire. This essential oil is popularly used in aromatherapy because it is said to create an atmosphere of purification and joy, when used. It is also used in rituals and has some significance in magic and spell practice. Neroli essential oil has a unique property of possessing mystic qualities of evoking various emotions from a person ranging from happiness to evoking sexual desires. Owing to its rareness and exotic qualities, Neori oil can burn a hole in your pocket! Having said this, it is well worth the price. There is diluted version of this oil that is available and works just like the original. While it is used for obtaining a good lifestyle, it also has the potential to be misused. Read on further to know about the various aspects and benefits of Neori essential oil.

Neroli Essential Oil Use
  • The most primary use of Neroli essential oil is in magical aromatherapy, used for casting spells and rites of self-purification. Therapists usually ask their believers to inhale the oil, feel it inside them and picture any negative feelings getting diffused into thin air. The after effects are said to be great.
  • Neroli essential oil is used in anger management sessions where they are effective in calming enraged individuals and convincing them about anger being unhealthy.
  • This oil can also be put to domestic use. Essential oil candles are available in market that is supposed to rekindle your romantic life!
  • The Neroli essential oil is extensively used in skin care products and facials because it relaxes skin cells and boosts tissue growth. With regular use, the oil can help you achieve a glowing and younger looking skin.
Neroli Oil Health Benefit
  • You don't have to use Neroli oil alone. Blend it with other oils and watch how it instantly appeases your nerves and mends your mood! For this, mix ten drops of Neroli oil, ten drops of Ylangylang essential oil and five drops of Rose essential oil with two ounces of Jojoba or sweet Almond oil. This is sure to rejuvenate your skin and relieve your tension and stress.
  • Women can use the essential oil mixed in warm water while bathing as this is useful during menstrual cramps and helps in balancing out the effects of PMS. Neori oil can tame the fluctuating moods of menopause.
  • People suffering from sexual dysfunction can use this oil either as candles or even opt for couple massage sessions. Neroli provides a general euphoria that increases sexual drive and has been reported to improve performance in bed too!
  • The Neroli essential oil is an antiseptic that can be used on cuts and wounds. It provides instant relief and first aid treatment.
  • It also functions as a good anti-mark cream such as scars from any cuts, wounds, blemishes, burns or even acne can be rectified. Apart from this, the oil adds glamour to the skin by giving it a tinge of shine.
  • During the winters when people suffer from colds and flu, Neori essential oil can be beneficial in treating them. When massaged over the body, it checks mucus production and makes breathing a lot easier during a nose blockage.
These are the many benefits, uses and properties of Neori essential oils. However, to use it around children or pregnant women is not advisable as it may have sedative effects.