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Oregano essential oil is very valuable for the wellbeing of mankind. Read about its use, health benefit and properties.

Oregano Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Oreganum vulgare
Aroma: Sharp, Herbaceous
Properties: Antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti parasitic and antiseptic
Uses: Cough, digestion, respiratory diseases, stomach problem, cold sores, Sinus headache

Oregano also called Origanum vulgare is often used in various cuisines and in several dishes. When you order pizza, haven't you noticed the extra sachets of oregano they hand out to you? Oregano is not only used in edible items to enhance the flavor of food but it also has several other uses. The oil derived from this herb is known for its capacity to preserve food for a longer period of time. It has immense antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic and antioxidant properties. Oregano essential oil has health benefits which include cures to cold, influenza, mild fever, infection, indigestion, loose stools and cramps during menstruation. It must be kept in mind that that there are two kinds available in the market: oil of oregano and oregano essential oil. The oil of oregano is in a diluted form and used as a carrier. They have strong taste and can be used directly. On the other hand, oregano essential oil is the undiluted, raw oil that needs to be treated with other oils before applying on skin or consuming internally.

Oregano Oil Health Benefit And Use
  • The most common diseases are the ones caused by viruses. Oregano essential oil provides protection against these microbes. It possesses antiviral properties that make it a useful remedy in curing common cold, influenza, pox and measles.
  • Oregano oil is antibacterial too as they defend your body's immunity. Bacterial infections include typhoid, food poisoning, sores, skin infections and cholera. Contamination of urinary tract and intestinal infection are also treated with this essential oil.
  • Fungal infections can lead to the development of ugly rashes on your skin. These are difficult to treat and if not attended to in time and can cause serious damage.  Infact, the spores may reach your brains and can prove to be fatal. Oregano essential oil can provide instant relief and fasten the healing process.
  • The oxidants formed in your body can be quite harmful. In order to combat these free radicals, the body needs a regular dose of antioxidants. Oregano essential oil is an excellent way to slow down your aging process and let the formation of wrinkles be delayed!
  • Our body acts as a host to certain parasites. They might not necessarily be harmful as they secrete certain useful enzymes. But there are a few things like tapeworms, lice, fleas and round worms which are known to bring down the level of immunity in the body. When oregano essential oil is taken internally, they can help in eradicating these free-loaders.
  • The next time you go camping, there is no need to carry the sticky and smelly mosquito repellent cream! You can always use oregano essential oil mixed with olive oil.
  • The essential oil of oregano is popularly used in aromatherapy. It has sedative properties that can act as tranquilizer and calms your nerves. Use this in times of hypertension and stress.
  • Oregano oil stimulates the digestion process by increasing the discharge of digestive juices in your stomach.
  • This oil is good news for women who have an irregular menstruation cycle.  It is beneficial in regularizing and easing period pain. It may sometimes be responsible in delaying menopause. When it is mixed with other oils, it can act as a safe painkiller without any side effects.
  • Oregano essential oil can be useful for bleeding or infectious gums. If mixed in small quantities with toothpaste, it can fight tooth problems and also kill bacteria that cause plaque.
  • People suffering from arthritis and joint pain can use this essential oil in a diluted form to massage the area of pain. The oil penetrates deep and provides relief.
Oregano essential oil has many side effects. It must be taken in small doses. Doctors advise pregnant women against using it. Some people might be allergic to oregano and this might cause skin rashes and destruction of the mucous membrane.