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Juniper essential oil massage strengthens the various nerves of the body. Read about its properties, use and health benefit.

Juniper Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Juniperus communis
Aroma: earthy, bit fruity, sweet
Properties: Astringent, expectorant, diuretic, pain killer
Uses: Rheumatism, Cellulite, Gout, Obesity, Acne, Dermatitis, Sores and Ulcers, Cystitis, Muscle Aches and Pains

Juniper essential oil is distilled from the berries, needles and sometimes even the wood of Juniper trees. Scientifically known as Juniperus communis, these plants can grow as tall as 30 feet in height! They are found to grow in places like Northern Europe, Canada, Scandinavia, Siberia and Northern Asia. But it is essentially produced in countries like France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada and Austria. Juniper essential oil was initially used during epidemics such as cholera and plague, to ward off diseases. It later became useful for other purposes like driving spirits away. This particular oil is helpful in keeping nervous disorders away, revitalizing your skin and even in mixture with gins. Clear in color and woody in aroma, the Juniper essential oil is very thin in consistency. Another important use is its vast function in aromatherapy. Herbalists claim that Juniper oil can cure many diseases. Read below to know more about this amazing oil. Read the section below for an idea on the health benefits, properties and uses of juniper oil.

Juniper Oil Health Benefit
  • Juniper belongs to the family Cupressaceous. The oil extracted from this plant is of great use in treating rheumatism, cellulite, gout, obesity, acne, dermatitis, sores and ulcers, cystitis, muscle aches and pains.
  • Juniper essential oil is extremely beneficial in treating kidney stones. It aids in retaining body fluids and thereby preventing the skin from getting dehydrated too.
  • Juniper oil is very useful for disorders relating to the digestive system, especially in the case of obesity.
  • It possesses antispasmodic properties such as combating premenstrual bloating, regulating the menstrual cycle and alleviating period pain. Even new mothers benefit from this oil as it assists in relieving post-birth pain.
  • Juniper oil has proved its effectiveness in treating various skin disorders like acne, eczema and oily skin.
  • Juniper essential oil is well-known for its antiseptic properties as it can be used on any kind of wound or infections, especially tetanus.
  • The Juniper oil is used to manufacture perfumes, soaps and other skin care products. Surprisingly, it is also used in many alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, to give it a certain flavour.
  • Juniper essential oil is an anti rheumatic. This means that it can reduce the amount of uric acid and help in treatment of arthritis and edema. An added benefit is detoxification of the body.
  • Juniper essential oil can be used as an astringent. Hence it is used to cure toothaches and strengthens the gums too. Juniper oil can cause the blood to contract during emergency and prevents hemorrhages.
  • Several people who have used juniper essential oil have claimed to feel firmness, fitness and youth in their bodies.
  • Juniper essential oil makes you sweat. Don't be disgusted! Sweating is good for help as it flushes out all toxins from your body and rejuvenates your skin.
  • Most importantly, Juniper oil is used in aromatherapy to deal with fatigue and stress prevalent in the body. It is a stimulant which means it creates a sense of energy and vigor. It is known to increase sexual drive too.
  • When applied on skin regularly, it makes it flexible and melts the fat cells away. When you mix lavender oil with juniper oil, it makes an excellent skin-toner. But, be careful as it might cause red rashes on the surface of your skin. If you have a dry scalp then using this oil in a diluted form will act as a conditioner in making your hair silky and shiny.
  • Use must be careful about the quantity and density of this oil. Excess application will causes severe skin irritations. Essential oils are usually highly concentrated and thus must be diluted before usage.
  • Juniper essential oil can be used to treat fleas and ticks.
These are the few of the health benefits and uses of the juniper essential oil. Pregnant women should refrain from using it. Also, make sure that you consult an aroma therapist or a doctor before purchasing this oil.