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Rose essential oil is all purpose oil that is expensive, but well worth its cost! Read on to learn about rose essential oil uses, health benefits and properties.

Rose Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena
Aroma: Strong, floral and sweet
Properties: Antispasmodic, antiviral, aphrodisiac and antiseptic
Uses: Eczema, Depression, Stress, Poor circulation, Menstrual Problems

The rose is associated with numerous stories, legends, myths and legacies. It is such a popular flower that you can find one for every mood and occasion! The essential oil of rose is extracted from its petals by a method called steam distillation. It cannot get more obvious than the fact that the rose essential oil is truly worth its cost. But apart from its emotional and psychological effects, rose oil possesses medicinal properties too. It offers a soothing effect to any nervousness and stress related factors. The oil is also considered a mild tranquilizer and anti-depressant. Rose essential oil is used to cure peptic ulcers and heart disease. Having a fresh, sweet, floral and strong aroma makes this essential oil very special. It is skin-friendly and softens your skin giving it a glowing sensation. One of the biggest benefits of rose oil is that it works as a tonic for any enlarged capillaries located below the skin by diminishing the redness it causes. If you want a perfect aphrodisiac for your love life, then look no further! Read below and learn about the uses, properties and health benefits of rose essential oil.

Rose Essential Oil Uses And Health Benefits
  • Antidepressant: The rose essential oil is very helpful in driving away depression. It relieves anxiety, gives you a sense of inner peace and increases your self-esteem and self-confidence. This oil is mainly used in aromatherapy to arouse positive thoughts, spiritualism and happiness.
  • Antiseptic: The essential oil of rose is very effective in treating wounds and also protects it against infection.
  • Anti-phlogistic: This oil extracted from the rose is also very beneficial in curing inflammations that is caused by microbial infection, ingestion of poisonous things, dehydration and indigestion.
  • Antiviral: The essential oil of rose protects against viral infections by acting like a shield against and restoring the body's immunity.
  • Antispasmodic: Rose essential oil efficiently works for treating respiratory intestinal and muscular spasms. It is also known to be helpful in times of convulsions, muscle pulls, cramps and spasmodic cholera.
  • Aphrodisiac: Rose is a symbol of love and purity. Why do you think? Since it works as a tonic in boosting romantic feelings between the users. It is also known to help during the love making process!
  • Astringent: Essential oil obtained from rose intensifies blood vessels, gums, hair roots, prevents skin from wrinkling and besides, tones and lifts the skin too.
  • Cholagogue: This particular essential oil stimulates the flow of bile from the gall bladder and assists in regulating acid levels in the stomach and blood. Apart from this, it also cures problems like acidity and acidosis.
  • Bactericidal: Essential oil of rose can be used as a medicine in the treatment of cholera, typhoid and food poisoning. Moreover, it can cure internal bacterial infections as well as external infections like eczema.
  • Cicatrisant: The essential oil of rose helps in fading acne, pox, surgery and stretch marks.
  • Emenagogue: Essential oil of rose stimulates hormonal secretion in the body which generates menstruation in females. It also comforts cases of nausea, fatigue and reduces pain related with post-menopausal syndrome (PMS).
  • Hemostatic: Rose essential oil is very helpful for people suffering from hemorrhages caused after a surgery or an injury. This oil speeds up clotting of blood and helps in recovering quickly.
In pregnancy, this oil should not be used. It blends well with jasmine, clove and geranium essential oils by serving as a tonic for the heart, liver, stomach and uterus. Rose essential oil is the best of its kind with innumerable good effects!